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Rupert Alexander Grint

A community dedicated to our favourite redhead

An homage to Rupert Grint
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Welcome to rupertagrint - a community dedicated to Rupert Alexander Grint, the actor who portrays Ronald Weasley in the 'Harry Potter' movies. This comm was made for all Rupert lovers and fangirls where they can read up on all the latest news about Rupert's career and life, as well as show off pictures and graphics of him.

There are rules, however. Just a simple list of 'allowed' and 'not allowed' for the community are stated below.

Topics allowed at rupertagrint:

- All news/interviews/information on Rupert's life. Anything written about Rupert which is factual is allowed to be posted here. Strong rumours can be as well, but anything too far-fetched or just sounds like it wouldn't be something that would relate to Rupert would not be allowed.
- Any and ALL pictures of Rupert are allowed, whether they are from on-set shots and screencaps, or candid shots of him (though this doesn't necessarily mean you should go out and stalk the boy for pictures), or just any photographs taken of him.
- Any graphic that has Rupert in them. This includes banners/headers/layouts/wallpapers/etc which show off Rupert as one of the more prominent features. All of these are mandated to be put under an lj-cut.
- Icons are a separate topic. You are allowed to have icon posts here, but the posts must be at LEAST 50% Rupert-centric. These can be icons of any of the characters he's played in the movies, or even just of him, but if the icon posts you have here or even the ones you link to your journal don't have at least half of them full of Rupert-related icons, your post will be deleted. If such a case arises that you made an icon post 50 icons and only five of them are of Rupert, then just post here with those five icons. It's not that hard.
- You MAY promote your community ONLY if it is directly related to Rupert. This means that if you pimp one of your HP-related comms that are more for Ron and not Rupert, it will be deleted. Don't spam the commuinity.
- Any sort of real person fics are allowed here as well if Rupert has a prominent role in it. Now, I'm going to say that no story which has Rupert in any sexually explicit position will be allowed. Why? Because Rupert is 17 years old and therefore not of age. You can do that with fictional characters, but Rupert is a real person and I don't want to squick most of the members/watchers with stories of Rupert engaging in anything illict. So, yes, you can have your RPS, but make sure it is tasteful.
- Any drawings of Rupert are allowed, so long as they are tasteful and not sexually explicit. Don't even think about posting with a naked Rupert, or I will ban you.

Topics NOT allowed at rupertagrint:

- Any photographs that have been altered - i.e.: manipulations. I can't stand most of the manips made out there, and I know a fair few people agree with me. If you want to post up your manips, find another comm. Here, when it comes to pictures, even the ones in graphics, we rather Rupert's head be attached to his own body and no one else's. Any posts with a manip, or a graphic with a manip, will be deleted.
- Any discussions on anything that has nothing to do with Rupert Grint himself. This is not a place to talk about Ron Weasley in the books, there are many other communities for that. If you want to talk about how Rupert portrays Ron in the movies, that is allowed, but Ronald Weasley himself is not allowed here, I'm sorry. You can NOT talk about any of the other characters he's played (such as Alan A. Allen from 'Thunderpants' or Ben from 'Driving Lessons'), but you can discuss Rupert's portrayal of the characters. Yes, there is a difference about talking about the character and their portrayal by the actor.
- Also, in your comments to any post, please be tasteful and don't say anything inappropriate. I will hold it to your discretion as to how far you can go with it, and remember, he is underage, so anything lewd will garner you a warning. Keep that consistent and you get a permanent banning. Want to lust over him? Keep it in the privacy of your own journal.

If there's anything I have left out, or anything you have a question about, please comment here, and I will answer you as quickly as I can.

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